Cue: Uncertainty

Always changing, always flowing. Sometimes a redesign comes from moving toward things you have dreamed of doing and other times it’s because you’re impacted by fantastic people and they leave your life a little in limbo to pursue their own dreams a little further. 

The only thing that helps to keep me strong and balanced in times of uncertainty is knowing it’s for a purpose. It is. Whether I see it now or not – the direction I’m being pushed is all part of it. “Where God guides, He provides” *insert compass* 😉

I am SO delighted, excited, and a little scared – which is what a good goal consists of! – to become a DEFINE body & mind instructor! Teaching insanely fun and difficult barre classes, as well as restorative and lengthening hammock mind classes is a beautiful journey that fell into my lap. Learning all of these inventive ways to grow the body and mind is what I love! We started training last week and it’s already quite intense. So much to learn! The ins and outs of methodology, anatomy, musicality, myofascial and hammock release, and formatting a superior class atmosphere to bring clients to their absolute best. Believe me, it will bring results, seriously – whoa! It’s also quite the experience getting on the bike in REV cycle classes since “running on a bike to the beat” has never been a strong suit 😉 Conceptually, all that DEFINE brings to the table falls hand-in-hand with my AnnaCate coaching mission statement so very well. I am honored to be a part of the new Sioux Falls team and cannot wait to share more with you as the process continues! 

The same week as training amped up, my amazing Director, of fit – Sanford Health, decided to take a leap of faith himself by taking on a role outside of the organization. Our team is small, cohesive, strong…and to see our leader go is honestly a toughie 🙁  Super duper bittersweet. A celebration for him and a hard goodbye for us. Like my coworker stated, “it kind of knocks the wind out of you.” There is much uncertainty with a transition of this sort. Being absorbed by another team and trusting they see the vision and work the same way you do. We were lucky. We had a leader who gave us autonomy, who made us think beyond the box, who made work fun and enjoyable, and made us feel trusted and valued. I will alway be indebted – the opportunity and growth achieved because of such a management style is something I’ll take with me in my career longevity. What will come, will. And it will be wonderful. In the meantime, as everyone knows from their own experiences, we stay the course. A day at a time. 🙂 

I’ll be honest, the shelf life of this snowy and cold winter season (it just snowed 14” in April!) and the pressures of single girl status/dating right at this moment might also be getting more attention than needed. Hehe! So, here’s to staying the course…growing, learning, and trusting that you’ll know the right turns to take when they are offered to you. Until then, “it feels good to be lost in the right direction.” 

Until next time, loves! xoxo


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