First up! FOOD

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First up! FOOD. 🍴🍴

We’ve heard it since we were young: eat your fruits and veggies, consume less than your physical output, steer clear of sugar…and you’ll lose weight. The science is there in the most basic sense, but the catch is every BODY is different. Your perfect, self-healing, amazingly functioning body.

The goal isn’t to lose weight. Rather, the vision is to form a healthy relationship with food! I want you to spend less time harping on yourself for the choices you make each day or the choices you have made in the past regarding your personal health.

Let’s start fresh. Start with you! Not your husband, kids, parents, friends, etc. What do YOU want? What do YOU need? How do you want to feel when you walk through the grocery store? How do you want to feel while cooking a meal for yourself and loved ones? How do you want to feel when you enjoy a slice of your favorite dessert or a nice glass of wine?

I know what I want for you! I want to see a smile, I want to see joy, I want to see contentment. I do not want you to feel guilt, I do not want you to hear a negative self-talk inner dialogue, I do not want you to overanalyze the grams, calories, and ingredient intricacies of every little piece of food you put in your mouth.

When you look at your body as a temple for personal health, healing, physical strength, mental acuity, and emotional/spiritual attentiveness, you begin to appreciate all the facets. Your body is a wonderful system working FOR you, not against you. If you feed it with love – food that best suits your personal makeup – your body will work from the inside out to create an energy you’re most deserving of in this life.

Your turn! What does this look like for you?


DM or email me if you’d appreciate further conversation around this topic. I would love to hear from you!

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