unsure of how to begin your whole health journey?

Join the Mindful Minutes Journaling Challenge!

  • Discover self-awareness and acceptance by growing into your true authentic self.
  • Develop a pathway for your whole health. Nourish mind, body, soul.
  • Declare the need for positive change within areas of your life that crave more love and attention.

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Learn to love your true authentic self!

The whole person;
the dynamic, ever-changing, multi-faceted, fabulous individual you are!

Challenge yourself to practice Mindful Minutes each morning or night for 14 days.

Create a routine and use one prompt per day to guide your journaling and habit-forming practice.

Grab your favorite bound journal and put pen to paper or use the offered fillable .pdf.

Begin your journey towards whole health today. You deserve to feel supported on your way to more!

Learn more about the ACWH Method and the NOURISH Signature Program! Connect with me @annacate_wholehealth

Develop a pathway to your whole health journey!

Grab your Mindful Minutes journaling prompts today!

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