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Concepts We Will Explore Together


  1. Bio-individuality™: Each person has unique health and lifestyle needs. One person’s food is another person’s poison, and that’s why the quick fix or generic fads fail in the long run. Personalized support to make positive changes helps cultivate the ability to eat intuitively. Trust your body to guide you to the answers that best support you while allowing your body and mind to operate at their fullest potential. We will work together to find a plan that is based on your personal taste and preferences, natural shape and size, needs, lifestyle, and ancestral background.
  2. Primary Food™: It’s not simply the food we eat, but many other factors present in our daily lives that support lasting health and overall well-being. Healthy relationships, a fulfilling career, regular physical activity, a joyful home environment, and a spiritual awareness are just a few examples of essential forms of nourishment. Since we are so often fed by the energy in our lives, it becomes necessary to look at a multitude of areas in order to create balance. When one focuses heavily on secondary foods (modern nutrition) as the sole source of nourishing their mind, body, and soul, it usually comes when there is lack in other areas of the human experience that may be in craving. Basing change on the “Circle of Life” – a version of a typical wellness wheel – will allow you to achieve your whole health goals in multiple areas of your life. It’s integrative – everything is connected!
  3. Human Design: Using the system of My Human Design to read an individual’s chart ignites the path of self-discovery. It’s a way to reconnect a person to their true nature. Coming “home” to oneself allows for intrinsic motivation and lasting change. By understanding specific and unique elements meant for you, such as energy type (how your energy functions), profile (innate personality), authority (how you best make decisions), gifts, and life theme (purpose in this life), it helps create growth in ways of wisdom, experience, and desires. 

1-1 Coaching Services


4-Week Intensive 

Explore a once-a-week coaching platform. Whether it’s for the first time or you are in need of a refresh, we will hone in on your why. Through ongoing support and guidance, digging into the root reasons for your desire to change allows for true alignment. Your well-being is my mission. 

  • Four, 1-hour coaching sessions; weekly (phone, online, in-person)
  • Email/text support (M-F 10am – 4pm)
  • Individualized plans following each session to jumpstart your journey
  • Detailed whole health lifestyle adjustments and actionable recommendations for lasting wellness
    (examples may include: shopping guide, nutrition label education, dietary guidelines, recipe alternatives specific to needs, daily movement techniques, culinary basics, creativity exercises, etc.)

You will begin to:

  • Understand your relationship with the different areas of holistic health.
  • Create healthy habits and integrate simple lifestyle changes into your daily routine.
  • Develop ways to gain clarity and increase confidence to ultimately manifest your personal whole health vision and goals.

12-Week Program

Deep dive into areas of your life that need love and attention. Discuss overlooked patterns and habits that may be causing you to struggle with reaching personal goals related to your overall well-being. With longer-term coaching support and accountability, you can commit to becoming your best, most healthy self! 

  • Six, 1-hour coaching sessions; every two weeks (phone, online, in-person)
  • Access to coach via email/text with a 36 hour response time* to maintain motivational consistency
  • Individualized plans following each session to assist with ongoing implementation 
  • Detailed whole health lifestyle adjustments and actionable recommendations for lasting wellness
  • Choice of one à la carte menu option

    *assumed response time with 1) client adherence to respectful code of conduct and/or 2) unless otherwise formally noted

You will:

  • Establish consistent and enjoyable health habits in relation to specific bio-individualistic needs, Human Design alignment, and primary food nourishment.
  • Understand and practice tailored whole health lifestyle adjustments.
  • Develop a sense of balance and self-empowerment skills to regularly make confident choices based upon on your needs, your whole health goals, and your vision for self-fulfillment.
  • Begin to see and feel positive change in your overall well-being; physical, mental, and emotional health.

12-Week VIP 

As an in-depth compilation of offerings, the 12-week VIP service provides comprehensive and effective weekly coaching, focusing on areas that feel out of alignment. In a safe and supportive space, we dig into the Circle of Life resource, which includes nutrition, physical activity, sleep, stress, relationships, career, spirituality, and joy. Together we will formulate feasible and realistic action steps you can take to make positive changes that will not only be attainable, but sustainable over time. This platform offers the highest level of support; one in which has the most to me on a regular basis. I will guide you to believe in yourself, your values, and your choices through motivation, education, and whole health nourishment.

  • Twelve, 1-hour coaching sessions; weekly (phone, online, in-person)
  • Access to coach via email/text with a 36 hour response time* to maintain motivational consistency
  • Individualized plans following to assist with ongoing education and implementation 
  • Detailed whole health lifestyle adjustments and actionable recommendations for lasting wellness
  • Choice of two à la carte menu items

    *assumed response time with 1) client adherence to respectful code of conduct and/or 2) unless otherwise formally noted

You will:

  • Master positive and sustainable lifestyle changes.
  • Establish healthy boundaries and intuitive habits within each area of your life as you gain greater self-love and caring confidence regarding your individual needs.
  • Build an understanding of any physical, mental, and emotional blocks which may be creating larger health issues and disease.
  • Cultivate the ability to listen to your intuition. Trusting your body to guide you to the food and lifestyle choices that best support you on your individualistic journey.
  • Create space for healing and positive growth as you allow yourself to thrive and become the best, most healthy version of you.



Following completion of a 12-week offering, once a month reoccurring sessions may be added at your convenience! Stay consistent and motivated by continuing the journey in real time as we work together to determine what best suites your ongoing needs!


À La Carte Menu

Human Design Readings

See yourself, in true authenticity! Human Design is derived from four different grounding art sciences; Chakras, Tree of Life, I Ching, and conventional Astrology. Find your place in the collective karmic cycle by: learning to understand one another, feeling your energetic awareness, and believing in the direction of your life. It all flows together. We are individualistically integrated. Human Design is your unique blueprint for how energy moves and connects as it pertains to your story. It is up to you how to use the details given to you in each reading. It is my vision that you heed all information positively so you may align energetically with the wisdom that is innately within. How are you meant to move through this world? 

Certified readings offered in single sessions or as a package of 3.

Meal Makeover

Create your favorite meals with a twist! I will adjust your go-to recipes to incorporate healthier alternatives and substitutions based on your personalized dietary needs.

Pantry Swap

Let’s choose the best options! As we sort through your pantry/refrigerator and take a look at each product, we will crowd out the unhealthy foods with nutrient-dense options. Learn how to quickly decipher which ingredients are your best option. 

Meal Planning/Grocery List

Simplify your week by implementing meal prep! Creating a menu in advance that provides you with the variety of nutrients your body needs and takes the “what’s for dinner?” question out of the equation, makes your life a little more joyful come mid-week. We will strategize recipes and a shopping list to make meal prepping as smooth as possible.

Healthy Shopping Tour

Taking a thoughtful approach when it comes to your grocery store trips can help save time, money, and energy! We will walk through product comparisons, check out labels, navigate the store to focus on the most nourishing food choices first, and become privy to the marketing tactics of retailers. This is offered in-person (locally), or online via your InstaCart/Amazon Whole Foods. 

Mindful Movements

Every body moves differently. I meet you where you are! Using the fitness spectrum of flexibility, mobility, strength, stability, strength, and performance, we work on finding a pattern of movement that is simple, enjoyable, and effective. There is no need to feel overwhelmed; let’s cut out what you think you “should” be doing and start with moves that actually work for you, moves that you can continue in confidence, and moves that deliver sustainable stress-relief and overall health. Reconnect and trust your body! 

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