This was the intention that immediately came to mind during a beautiful meditation flow today in a local yoga class. I was so grateful for the experience and as the Universe does, it had primed me for such a morning. When we make good stuff happen – change our tune a bit, finally come to terms with a decision we’ve been toying with, etc. it creates space for what you are asking for, instinctively searching for, and wanting to see within the external environment.

Be YOU. was the formation of the words and with it a half circle/sliver moon; a cadence back and forth flowing blue in color – allowing my body and internal system to rock with the motion. Letting go, really. Emphasizing that the world, our day to day, is just so fluid. It is important to be present and be reminded that you have it in you to do what it is your personal spiritual guide has set forth for you.

Learning that in this new community of Denver, I can find and will continue to find like minded people. Those you just vibe with so easily. I forget that the wellness coaching/consultant space is still untapped in many aspects – I’m just too close to it and may take the knowledge for granted. There is so much to be said about the integrative and functional medicine genre; finding a way to empower people to age gracefully with peace in the mind, body, and soul. It is about living WELL and in balance with the world that surrounds. I love serving these people, allowing an open dialogue to flow as each individual learns acceptance in different facets along the way. Formulating a bond, a trust, so that when growth happens – happiness ensues.

Life is cyclical, we are all learning. There are ideas, concepts, and feelings that I happened upon a few years ago that changed the course and now I see close ones or acquaintances having the same emotional growth experiences and premonitions about life (in their own right) at the same sort of age stage. Just as I’m sure our parents and grandparents, older and wiser mentors and friends see as well as the years carry us through. For as individualistic as life experiences can be, we are all in this together and on a very large scale, we live human life the same.

Until next time!