Dreams and hope are the things that keep us going. 

I’ve been done with my position for three weeks and it’s so crazy how fast you can fall into a “what am I doing with my life?” passion and purpose spiral. When you are alone for 99.7% of the time each and every day, it can be tricky. Your confidence regarding your knowledge and the pizzaz you have about the dreams you set out to conquer can start to wane. I’m definitely in a headspace right now, finding myself apathetic most of the time. Seeing the dream, but honestly questioning it at levels now, in my personal life, but from a philosophical and societal perspective as well. With the work I do in the empowerment, motivation, and behavior change fields, I cognitively understand what is happening, what can help, and how to process the phase of life I’m moving through, but it’s one thing to acknowledge it and it’s another to act upon the solutions.

Day by day, I remind myself of this similar type of commentary mentioned in the image. Don’t give up on what is truly in your heart. Stop comparing, making excuses regarding money, ability, or time, and diminishing the value you alone bring to the table. Lessen the voice in your mind that worries about others, their problems or concerns, or what they think of you and your decisions. The wise thing, the most important thing, is to continuously focus on making an impact – the impact your uniqueness allows. You have the power to change what you can change. You do not need to follow suit or second guess. You know your value system. You can and will bring the energy forth to make your dreams come true. 



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