There’s nothing like love. I have a close friend from high school who always refers to me as the girl who “just loves love” and YES, it’s so true 🙂  Whether it’s spreading love and sprinkling kindness around to acquaintances or relative strangers, relishing and appreciating my friendships and family bonds, trying my best to be open to love even though it’s provided me with some heartbreak, or offering true sweetness, passion, and affection to those who have had my heart on an intimate level… giving, giving, giving is what makes my heart swell.

I hope you enjoy the Love Song playlist! Check it out on Spotify. There’s always so many good tracks to choose from, but these are some of the best I always go back to. They speak of different times, memories, people, and all have personal heart space.


Happy Valentine’s Day, babes!

How will you spread the love?