Touch the Sky

“Intentions are causes that create effects. Choosing an intention is the fundamental creative act. An intention is the reason or motivation for doing what you do. Every action has an intention… -G.Zuckar


Now that we’re more than halfway through January, how are your resolutions? I waited to write about such time tested New Year Resolutions given that only 9% of the population successfully complete them. 😉  But, how about INTENTIONS? Those purposeful, deliberate, desired visions and decisions that will launch you to the next level. The creative power behind your dreams. What is in your heart? What excites you and scares you at the same time? What do you envision for yourself this year? What challenges you? What might you accomplish with positive action?

We bring power to our lives by setting intentions…through love or fear. In the stillness, beyond the noise of your daily life; the place where your subconscious meets your conscious mind and you just KNOW and believe this is for you. Whether it makes sense or not 🙂

Detach from the timing and the outcome. Trust that “The Universe Has Your Back”. With hard work, compassion, faith, clarity, and courage you’ll set yourself up for success (whatever your definition of success may be). Simple, clear, and real. Your life is shaped by these desires, so aim for the stars, darlings!

My goodness, aren’t there things in this life that never make sense?!? Maybe things add up in ways only you understand? You can only laugh at them, because always asking why, why, why will simply drive you bonkers 🙂 Maybe someday I’ll understand the true reasons. In the past year, I definitely had a number of coincidental circumstances and intuitive premonitions that have happened surrounding an area in my life where I’m constantly asking for clarity. When my fears, and sometimes tears, take over due to the uncertainty, I ask for help. I relinquish and plead for a sign. Days to follow, I’m given pieces that simply floor me but never show me the answer and I’m still stuck questioning the reason and the why. As we enter a new year and occurrences still keep popping up, I remain steadfast in the wisdom that I’m not looking for a resolute situation, but rather an intentional push forward on the path that is meant to be. I have to understand it’s not (always) up to me. In the melody and words of Chris Stapleton “don’t go looking for the reasons; don’t go asking Jesus why; we’re not meant to know the answers; they belong to the by and by.” This song came on the radio while driving this past weekend as my mind spun. Another reminder to let go? I think so 😉

It’s all some kind of wonderful. xoxo



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