The period after any largely anticipated holiday season can cause languishing. It is quite common to experience a lethargic mood after the hype, the weeks of hustle and bustle, and expectations. Similar to returning from a vacation, you come back to reality. When setting a goal for a certain date or timeframe with many to-do’s, you work and strive to accomplish all things with pride and excitement. Aiming to achieve for one set date, the preparations are made, the event ensues, and you are then left with the humdrum of the next day or week as your day-to-day routine kicks back in. 

More often than not, the feeling of exhaustion creep in as well. This effects your mood and mental state as you sort through the happenings, search for the equilibrium in habits, and begin to wonder “what’s next”. Allow yourself to truly rest in order wind down from any obstacles you may have tackled, but remain energetic enough as to not create aimless laziness. 

  • Continue to read or play games that spark your brain power. 
  • If feasible, stay relatively active or get fresh air to keep your body recharged. 
  • Take some quiet time for emotional processing. 
  • Boost positive emotions by creating intentions for the New Year or by reminiscing with photos you’ve snapped so you may find gratitude in the memories of the people, places, and things you’ve experienced over the last 365 days. 
  • Simplify your eating patterns (after potentially over-consuming or eating foods out of your normal diet). 
  • Drink plenty of water and reduce or cut alcohol consumption. 
  • Realign your time – prioritize quality sleep and learn to schedule for enjoyment rather than obligation. 
  • Find ways to reframe any stressors and set achievable goals for the upcoming season. 

It is important to come back to the surface and see things from a higher level, a bird’s-eye view. Visualize and understand the big picture to keep perspective. It is so easy to get lost in the weeds when there are so many different details to keep track of during this season. Each day is a new day, so ride the waves as they come. You’re doing this thing called life amazingly, remember that. 💛