Welcome to Winter! This marks the shortest day of the year – the longest night of the year – in the Northern Hemisphere. On December 21, 2022 we will celebrate the beginning of the winter season. This time of year innately brings us inward. Darker days, colder temps, a different variety of seasonal foods, and decreased physical activity call for a different rhythm to your everyday. Mother Earth forms deep connection this time of year within REST. Much of the land is covered in a blanket of snow bringing a sense of hibernation to the forefront. Many people, myself included, aren’t super keen on being in the below zero, windchill weathered days, but there is a natural sense that comes with slowing down – often signaling intentional routine. 

Check out the helpful article {link above} for all the details regarding these thoughtful ideas so you may keep a sense of well-being amidst the season. Become empowered to find seasonal wellness considerations that move you towards new significance in reflection, true abundance, and preparation for rebirth. 

Cook Seasonal Fare with Loved Ones

Balance Energy & Emotion with Vitamin D

Hygge – Comfortable Contentment

Mindful Movement